About Us

The core management of ENGAGE combines both foreign and local IT professional with over 30 years of experience and are based in Cambodia with expertise in the marketing and development of software with a combination of specialized technology hardware.

Under our technical and technology partnership with many top line brand and specialized hardware and software providers ENGAGE is able to customize and localize social media promotions to fit your category of business.

ENGAGE can provide a multitude of technology and marketing solutions to give your company or brand the marketing edge in today’s crowded social media marketing scene. By working together with us, companies can visualize ‘Cost Effective Promotions & Build Loyal Customers’ and ‘Focus on Promotional Campaigns to Maximize Revenues’.


We work with you to enhance your business growth, not only with your existing clients or customers BUT also generate new customers and more importantly, build loyalty to your brand or business. ENGAGE strives to become a leader and within the next few years, our vision is to become listed in the Cambodia Securities Exchange in Cambodia.

So, why engage?

• We Provide Managed Solution

• No Need to Hire Your IT, Designer and Admin

• We Provide a Solution with Daily and Monthly Reports

• Improve Your Business Intelligence through Efficient Data Gathering

• Use Analytics to Make Better & Informed Decisions

• Identify Consumer Behavior with Intelligent Tracking

• Compare Demographics & Individual Profiling

• Expand Your Customer Database with Push Marketing (Ads)

• Engage in Cost Effective Promotions & Build Loyal Customers

• Bridge Online & Offline with Multichannel Marketing

• Focus Promotional Campaigns to Maximize Revenues