For establishments that require more than GWI, Footprint can be another useful tool that allows information such as visitor count, dwell time in a specific area, track customer flow, etc… making improved decision in the placement of products within the store or sales and marketing.

The Footprint Analytics can provide Live and Real Time information for establishment. ENGAGE can also assist management (on a consulting basis) to make decisions for customer networking or improve sales/marketing strategies.


Boost Customer Conversions & Improve Shopping Experience

Automatically calculate sales conversion rate and identify business peak hours, trends and outliers by comparing across all locations

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Understand marketing & sales campaign effectiveness by tracking foot traffic changes and customer behaviour, & pinpoint response rate and sales drivers that are impacting best and lowest performing stores.

Discover Cross-shopping Behaviour & Chain-wide Performance

Uncover shopper cross-visits between outlets and brands and discover potential cannibalization between outlets.