ENGAGE Guest Wifi (GWI)

Allows establishments to provide a high quality of internet with a specialized login using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Phone Number and sending personalized information directly to customer’s mobile phone.

When logging in, our GWI collects customer profile (public information only with privacy assured) and can conduct surveys or just push promotional or marketing ads, engaging with customers directly.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Customer will connect to your ‘Free Wi-Fi’ network on their mobile phone and get connected.

Welcome Page

A splash page will pop up to welcome guests before signing in. This is where advertisements or engagement with customers can happen (i.e. answer a survey, like on Facebook, claim a coupon)

Page

Customers can choose their preferred choice of communication, such as Facebook, Messenger, Email, Phone Number, WeChat (coming soon) and LINE (coming soon).

Thank You Page

Once connected, there will be a thank you page customizable to add in more advertisements. Or, businesses can simply be re-directed to their website of choice.